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Saint Michael is one of the most popular saints. He is not only venerated by the Catholic Church but is also recognized as an archangel by other Christian denominations, Judaism and Islam. He is a unique saint in that he did not live on earth and die for the cause of Christ but is an archangel venerated for his role in the execution of the plans of God.

It is common to find different versions of the St Michael statue in homes of Christians and non-Christians. This is because of the traditions and beliefs surrounding the saint that have been adopted by various people around the world even amongst atheists. A St Michael Statue is therefore a wonderful gift to give anyone whether Christian or not. 

The name Michael can be translated to mean ‘who is like God?’. This is a declaration of the power of God. Indeed the different versions of the St Michael Statue show the power of God as depicted by the saint in slaying Satan and holding the scales of judgment. St Michael is portrayed in the Bible and through tradition as a protector and defender of faith. When he makes his first appearance to Joshua in the Old Testament he introduces himself as the ‘captain of the host of the Lord’ (Joshua 5:13-15). In the book of Daniel he is referred to as the ‘the great prince that protects you’ (Daniel 12:1).

Through the ages, St Michael has been portrayed as a protector and defender. For this reason many people have taken to having some version of the Saint Michael statue in their homes. It is believed that having a Saint Michael statue in your home will ward off misfortune. The saint will keep you and the residence of your home safe from attacks of evil spirits.

Saint Michael is the patron saint of the police officers today. However, in medieval times, warriors and Knights turned to the saint in times of battle for protection against their enemies. Some knights even carried a version of the Saint Michael statue in their belongings as they rode out to battle. Thus a Saint Michael Statue is not only useful for keeping evil spirits at bay but also for ensuring that you do not come to any physical harm. It is believed that keeping the Saint Michael statue in your home will keep you safe from harm by robbers and other physical attacks.

It is believed that the protection of St. Michael extends beyond the grave. Many people place a St Michael statue in their homes to ensure that they have a peaceful death. Saint Michael is sometimes referred to as the angel of death. According to tradition he is believed to be the angel that guides the souls of those who have remained faithful into eternal light. This belief resulted from the story of Abraham being guided by St. Michael before his death. It is believed that having the St Michael statue in your home will bring you the favor of having the same protection after death.

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